HAM 3.2 ( build 2728 )

今天熊窝的 headrock 放出了 Ja2 1.13 的MOD - HAM 3.2,这次又新加了很多元素,具体可以看文章最后的‘new features’,就像往常一样,我就不翻译了(怕E)。反正目前 HAM 3.0以上没有中文版,不过这几天看能否修改一下放出个支持中文版的 HAM 3.2。

具体的安装方法可以参考我以前的文章:HAM 3.1 (RELEASED 2728)

这里简单说一下:根据压缩包里的 Instructions.txt 安装,然后根据 APBP Additions.TXT 和 INI Additions.TXT 里面的说明设置ini文件。这次 headrock 给了一个推荐设置,在文件 Recommended Settings.TXT 里。

 狂击这里下载 HAM 3.2


HAM 3.2

  • Radio Locator for "fully suppressed" message
    • When getting the "Suppression Fire has neutralized X!" message, shows a flashing beacon to tell us exactly which character has been fully suppressed.
  • Fixed unreal reinforcements advantage
    • Reinforcements (Enemy, Militia, or both) arrive at a sector's edge with 0 APs, making them considerably less murderous.
  • Friends affect tolerance
    • High-level and high-leadership friendlies within a certain range can increase a character's tolerance. Large groups bunched up together will actually get better tolerance than loners, unless they're all suppressed. Nearby dead bodies of friendlies will reduce tolerance.
  • CTH Divisor for mortar fire
    • Allows making mortars FAR less accurate than before, to balance out their deadliness.
  • Sightrange reduction for Cowering characters
    • Can reduce sight-range, induce tunnel-vision, or both. Cowering characters can no longer act for spotters for sniper fire, suppression fire, and mortar fire.
  • INI-settable chance for critical headshots to cause blindness for several turns.
    • Blindness duration is based on the severity of the hit.
  • Getting knocked down by a hit in the legs causes extra AP loss.
    • AP loss is based on the severity of the hit.
  • No enemy detection without recon
    • Enemies travelling through player-explored sectors are not automatically detected. Only militia can detect these enemies when they are in adjacent sectors. Enemies in previously-liberated cities are always detected.
  • Better Medical training at Hospital
    • Cambria Hospital confers an INI-set bonus to training the MEDICAL skill, similar to the MARKSMANSHIP training bonus you get at the Alma gun range.
  • Better repair rates at Factory
    • Grumm factory (H2) confers an INI-set bonus to repairing items. Also requires an INI-set minimum mechanical skill to gain this bonus.

注:HAM mod = Headrock's Assorted Modifications Mod


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