WF6.06 ITEM MOD 更新了:Alpha Item Mod V10

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Already made a change that I think is a good solution: I changed the pocket size of the 60 mm shell pocket from medium to small and reduced the accepted number of shells from 2 to 1. Thus those pockets now fit the small inventory slots and will accept 1 mortar shell (the mortar shells have the right pic size to fit into this kind of pocket). This also better corresponds with the pic of the 60mm shell rig (which actually shows 3 pockets for mortar shells). And I also changed the HSW pack slightly (I really didn't like it the way it was before... it now has 3 small mortar shell pockets, which will accept 2 mortar rounds each, plus a belt clip and 2 combat pack pockets).

I've also just redrawn the crossbow bolts medium pic to fit a small pocket, as the bolt quiver was quite underwhelming, but the bolts were too large to fit a small pocket. The bolt quiver now has two tiny pockets and two pockets specifically for crossbow bolts (each pocket will hold 2 5-round clips).

Edit: Update is up. I also increased the damage of the HE crossbow bolts by a few points and decreased queens priority on retaking certain roadblock sectors (for example Barinas is one of these sectors which gets attacked far too often in my opinion. And constantly fighting in the same sectors over and over again is quite boring, the priority on these sectors was waaaaay too high for my taste... don't know if this will affect a running game or not, I'll keep an eye on this. I reduced priority for these sectors from 65 to 40).



把下载到的“AlphaV10_Item_Mod_for_WF20090228.7z”解压后,把文件夹“Update ItemMod 20090228”下的全部文件复制并覆盖先前打的WF6.06MOD整合版上就可以了。快速链接:WF6.06 MOD for 1.13整合板在此日志

如果你没用上面的整合包,是自己手动安装的,那么你在装好SVN下载的WF6.06maps MOD和WF6.06merc MOD后打此升级包。



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