New ja2.exe (build: 2736) 中文版: ja2_release_2736_cn.exe

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今天 Ja2 1.13 SVN1113已经放出 ja2.exe (build: 2736) ,中文版也跟着放出:ja2_release_2736_cn.exe。

目前中文版最佳组合:Ja2 1.13 SVN 1113 + Chinese svn 2731 + ja2_release_2736_cn.exe

最佳组合其它相关下载到较早前发的文章:铁血联盟2 v1.13 汉化版 : 只需下载和解压的超简单安装方法(包括DBB、WF6.06)

猛击下面下载New ja2.exe (build: 2736) 中文版:


- New Release Build (2736) Bugfix: Tactical Interface is still locked after QuickLoad (by Zathras) The valid range for Price_Modifier is (-1)-100. -1 & 0 were added as options some time back to allow the game to dynamically adjust the Price_Modifier value based on game progress. Translated new text for Multiplayer and HAM. Updates to the HAM/100AP integration. Added Min/Max Suppression Tolerance values (from Headrock). Bugfix: Took away the ability to reload a weapon from the item description box while using an ammo crate. Corretion to the 100AP/HAM integration. Made an APBPConstant a little clearer. Before it was labeled as part of the suppression system when in reality it's not. Fixes/Improvements to Option screen (by Arynn) Added the new strings from the multiplayer branch Added the new strings from the multiplayer branch Updated a few "wrong" default values to "correct" ones. In multiplayer we read the default ja2_options.ini. Problem was, that min. and max. CTH was set to 0, which resulted in zero CTH Translated MP Text in _GermanText.cpp A few minor adjustments Disabled some of the charges associated with the Increased Aiming Costs option. Corrected a AP display issue when you had to turn while a weapon was not in a ready position. Found a bug in the russian text file that was preventing the creation of russian builds.


“New ja2.exe (build: 2736) 中文版: ja2_release_2736_cn.exe”有14条评论

  1. laofan says:


  2. dahuahero says:

    Chinese svn 2731--这个到哪里下载呀?

    1. zwwooooo says:

      @dahuahero, 麻烦你认真看文章!

  3. 小毅 says:


    1. zwwooooo says:

      @小毅, 有兴趣再折腾吧 :P

  4. dahuahero says:

    对不起呀,没注意到“铁血联盟2 v1.13 汉化版 : 只需下载和解压的超简单安装方”下载内容更新了 :oops:

  5. 吖Bee says:


  6. 老羊 says:

    :P 看一遍更新,就跟已经玩到了一样快乐~

  7. zwwooooo says:

    @吖Bee, 欢迎加入
    @老羊, 厉害,到了类似‘望梅止渴’的境界了 :mrgreen:

  8. socekin says:

    纯支持了,以后感兴趣了再来学习一下 :lol:

    1. zwwooooo says:

      @socekin, 呵呵,得有兴趣才能折腾这游戏,因为此游戏上手很难

  9. 林晨 says:


    1. zwwooooo says:

      @林晨, 游戏啊,不过是差不多10周年的老游戏,但在游戏爱好者对它的爱 + 游戏源码的公开 + 游戏本来的魅力 使它到现在还是一样受欢迎。

  10. 小T says:

    不玩此游戏的,再次飘过, :mrgreen:


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