野火6.06物品MOD更新:Item Mod for WF6.06 AlphaV15 & AlphaV16

WildFire 6.06 Item MOD 更新到 AlphaV16 了,更新较多。

安装此MOD的前提是按如下顺序安装好1.13:JA2 Gold + 1.12补丁 + JA2 1.13 + 野火6.06地图MOD + 野火6.06佣兵MOD,安装方法可以参照 此日志,已经安装好以前版本的直接用V15覆盖就可以了



Soviet sniper belt

AK-sniper chest rig (including new pic)

M23-sniper chest rig (including new pic)

three new LBE combo items (made from LBE Gear and modular pockets, similiar to the already included modified LBE gear):




You'll need an LBE gear, a SAW pouch, a modular triple grenade rig and a first aid pouch (not important which one you add first, they are possible in any combination, so if you only want SAW and the grenades, that's possible, as well. Those modified LBE vests are heavier than other vests, though)

slightly updated several of the new pics.

and most important change:

added a small backpack, that can be worn with butt pack sized combat packs.

Combat packs will from now on be divided into two groups:

butt packs and daypacks

Butt packs have smaller carrying capacity, but you can also carry a small backpack//sniper drag bag with them, where as the daypacks can not be worn with a small backpack. Only exception to this is the TIMS Set (which, after my definition, consists of a daypack and a large backpack).

Those butt packs got cut down in carrying capacity, at the moment these include the following packs:

- A.L.I.C.E

- Sniper combat pack

- HSW mortar bag

- E.A.G.L.E pack (new 40mm grenade butt pack)

- Spec Ops combat pack

These butt packs will have the advantage (with the exception of the sniper bag) to have an additional gun sling, but the pockets "inside" the bag will now be smaller. So no more hauling around 3 assault rifles//LAWs in such a bag. If you want to do that, you'll need a daypack.

The small backpacks at the moment include two models:

- sniper drag bag (as already known, this one has another gun sling, a large combat pack pocket, 2 pockets for sniper rifles and two smaller pockets)

- L.R.R.P backpack (Long Range Recon Patrol, this one has two large combat pack pockets, 2 misc general pockets and 2 small general pockets).

The Daypacks include:

- Blackhawk Daypack (formerly the Blackhawk Patrolpack)

- TT 3-Day Pack

- Field Medic Daypack (formerly the Field Medic Combat Pack, to distinguisch it from a butt pack I renamed it)

- TIMS Daypack (also got renamed)

I think this is a good compromise between playability and realism. Thoughts?

I just test, if I got all the combos right, then will make the update.


I decided to cut down the KAC Launcher system in size, in order to fit into an SMG holster slot. I also added the KAC Masterkey already. The idea is, that the KAC System will now either accept the M203 or the Masterkey shotgun and that these can be exchanged. I know, it would be nice to be able to attach the masterkey just like the M203 to any other gun, but this unfortunately, as we all know doesn't work right know.

But I think the idea is nice enough, to warrant inclussion. don't know, if it is practical in game terms, but it is possible. The Masterkey has lousy accuracy without the KAC System, due to the lack of a grip.

I still need the standalone KAC System pic, but that's probably only a matter of minutes (now that I'm getting used to using photoshop). \:\)

I will also add a cut down version of the RGM that will fit an SMG holster and obviously include a special holster for the short 40mm grenade launchers.

Also new is the possibility to treat SWAT armor with C-18 (including new pics \:\) ).



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